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Your stay

Welcome to Shangri-la! Shangri-la is a family owned Finca and we are very pleased to make you part of our story. With every ceremony and every persona wanting to experience this kind of healing, our space becomes more sacred.


We have amazing views of the Central Valley. From the house you can see 4 different volcanoes that we feel are guardians of our land.

There are two beautiful houses at your disposition, each with a full kitchen, bathrooms and terrace. We offer private rooms with private bathrooms, shared rooms and private camping units. You may use our pool during the time to rest, to catch some sun and refresh. We also offer a sauna that is used before and after ceremony to relax and liberate whatever needs to come out through the skin.

The Finca

Finca Shangri-la is working to bring back the local forest and its animals. The area used to be a citrus monoculture plantation, and it’s now slowly restoring its flora and fauna. We have hired professional consultation with permaculture professionals that are actively visiting and working with the land. Therefore, we source part of the food of the retreats from our own organic garden. The other part we bring from local farmers in the Atenas area.

Our Chef

The Finca experience is centered around healing and food can have profound changes in your health. With our open kitchen policy and organic garden our Chef dazzles the guests with a unique mixture of Indian and native Costa Rican recipes. He is really something… with 15 years experience cooking for retreats and Hare Krishna temples in Costa Rica.

You will also find amazing Kombucha and Chicha ceremonially done by us.

*We will take care of all your food allergies and pass all your dietary requirements to our chef, who has lovingly prepared suitable meals for all and cooks respectfully with the soul of each ingredient. 


Private Rooms

Private rooms are located in the main house and can be used as single, double, triple or quadruple occupancy. We will assign private rooms according to the specific necessities people have to ensure a maximum level of confort during your stay. Private rooms have their own private bathroom, but they will be shared during ceremonies since they are located in the main house.

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