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Ceremonial Experience 

Your experience is our highest priority and we strive on creating a loving and safe atmosphere.
Every ceremony includes: 


  • Comfortable sitting chairs for the ceremony: we offer brand new sitting chairs that can be made a chair or a bed during the night. If some other special sitting arrangement is preferred we can offer it as well.

  • Private consultations: once you arrive, private consultations are offered. This allows us to understand where you are in your life, your intentions, any specific medical conditions, or just anything you would like to share with us.

  • Our 4 guardians: we have amazing views of the Central Valley. From the house you can see 4 different volcanoes that we feel are guardians of our land. Also, the sunrise is stunningly beautiful and during the ceremony it is magical. 

  • Organic medicine garden: we have been growing our own medicine garden, to source our ceremonies with the best fresh plants. We use our garden for cooking, for medicinal vapors, lotions and specific treatments during ceremonies.

  • Live music: be ready to listen to one of the most beautiful live music performances in your life. 

  • Ancestral plant medicine talks: before and after ceremonies, a talk is offered by the Taita. This is a key aspect of the healing since in the tradition, grandfathers and grandmothers have passed on sacred knowledge through stories.

  • Organic medicinal vapours: the sauna is used before and after ceremony to relax and liberate whatever needs to come out through the skin.

  • Restorative Yoga and Pranayama: there will be classes to ground yourself and deepen the healing. If the weather allows, they are done underneath a Guapinol tree. 

  • The Finca: this is a sacred and blessed space where you can walk surrounded by trees, read a book in a hammock, have a cup of tee underneath a Veranera…  this is your home. 

  • Family owned atmosphere: overall there is a nice warm family feeling, since the retreat is hosted in a Finca, not a hotel or a center. This brings plenty of benefits, since people tend to feel at home, open the fridge, walk through the property or play with the dogs and cat. You will meet our helpers and find nice spaces to share with the other participants and staff.

  • Amazing and intended art: the house is full of art pieces and Costarrican sculptures. Our grandmother was an artist and we all have painted something. Staring at these with plant medicine is really something. 

  • Fires: we count on three forceful fires. One chimney and two sacred fire pits. Depending on weather and occupancy we will have them alive as guardians. 

  • Healing meals: our Chef cooks for Hari Krishna temples and has a deep understanding of the bioenergy and soul of food. He treats everything with respect and makes sure you nourish and delight yourself. 

  • Soulful store: we offer a store to make available certain tools that can help you in your integration process after the ceremony. You may find instruments, lotions, accessories, clothes and local products crafted by Costa Rican people.

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