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Preparation and dieta

Your integral safety and expansion is our priority. As a family, we strive to create a loving and secure space for you to ease into your experience and let go of what doesn't serve you, making you feel at home and supporting each other. 


We know that undertaking such an important and transformative journey can awaken some emotions, questions and memories. Therefore, we have a wonderful and caring Taita who will schedule private consultations and a team of compassionate helpers; as well as a blessed natural temple where you can deeply connect with nature and within.


We welcome people from all walks of life, and warmly invite you into our sacred space, so you can discover your highest-self. 

We feel deeply proud about our Medicine and its sources. The harvesting, cooking and transportation is done lovingly and carefully by our Taitas. This guarantees transparency, ethics, respect, devotion and love for our Mother and participants. 

Check these documents for more information:
Safety Measures for COVID-19


  • Temperature check for all guests and staff prior entrance to the retreat.

  • Individual cups provided for The Medicine

  • Regularly sanitized high-traffic areas and high-touch surfaces (i.e. water coolers, common bathrooms, common sinks, door handles, light switches, etc.)

  • Guests must sign a COVID-19 waiver upon meetup, in addition to the regular activity waiver, confirming they have not been experiencing any COVID-related symptoms

  • Cleaning/disinfecting of buckets and sitting chairs between ceremonies. 


Preparation and Dieta


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